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Nicondra: Dense fog advisory through Monday morning


Plenty of clouds and fog to start the work week. It may take some extra time to get to work and school on Monday morning with rising dew points moving over cooler waters. Mississippi river water is in the 40's and Lake Pontchartrain waters are in the low 50's. As warmer air with dew points in the low to mid 60's pushes into the area we can expect the next several mornings to be very foggy. Some showers may also continue into the day on Monday.

Warm moist air sticks around through Tuesday. Wednesday a strong cold front will begin pushing into the area. Extremely cold air will clash with the warm air in place and some stormy periods may come ahead of the front. Models show strong winds in the upper levels that will help drag moist air over the shallow layer of cold air at the surface. It's still early, but this situation bears watching as we head into the middle of the week.

- Nicondra Norwood

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