Doctors suggest getting tested before giving up gluten

Doctors suggest getting tested before giving up gluten

(WVUE/CNN) - The gluten-free diet craze might not be for everyone.

Gluten is a protein found in foods like wheat, rye, and barley. For an estimated 3 million people who have Celiac disease, eating it can cause severe abdominal pain. But some doctors say even if you see results from taking gluten out of your diet, you should be tested before giving it up completely.

"After abstaining from gluten, they they see a clear difference in their symptoms," says gasteroenterologist Dr. Kavya Sebastian. "I am not clear if that is entirely because they are cutting out gluten. I think it might be the associated effect of eating a healthier lifestyle."

If you're considering going gluten-free, doctors say there is a possibility of weight gain since many gluten-free products are higher in fat, calories, and sugar.

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