Slideshow: Foggy Town

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Nobody has to tell Southeast Louisiana commuters that fog season has arrived.

"To get fog, you have to have a cooling process," explains FOX 8 Chief Meteorologist Bob Breck. "Warmer, moist air moves over a colder body of water."

Those ingredients have been in ready supply this week with the current temperature of Lake Pontchartrain, for example, at roughly 54 degrees during the transition time from winter to spring.

"The water's been cooled down by a long winter," Breck said. "Now, we get the spring warmth trying to come back over that cool water, and it's instant fog."

Breck explains the region won't climb out of fog season until the water temperature warms up in coming weeks.

"Once the lake gets below 60 degrees, that's the triggering point for fog," he said.

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