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Trending: Lioness opens safari car door with her teeth

Source: YouTube (Joshua Sutherland) Source: YouTube (Joshua Sutherland)
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Two women traveling in South Africa received quite the scare when they came across a pride of lions.

Sisters Kaylene and Cindy were visiting their parents, who were serving at a mission in South Africa, when they decided to take a safari tour.

The sisters drove up to a pride of lions sunning on the side of the road. A curious lioness walks up to the vehicle and presses her face against the glass.

The laughter inside of the vehicle turned into screams as the lioness grabs the door handle and opens the unlocked car door with her teeth.

A quick-thinking passenger grabs hold of the door and slams it before locking it from the inside.

“Oh my gosh, I didn't know they could do that," the passenger said.

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