'Cord-cutters' learning to live - and save big - without pay TV

'Cord-cutters' learning to live - and save big - without pay TV

(WVUE) - People frustrated with high cable and satellite TV bills say they're finding ways to get rid of that bill and get the programming they want.

According to researchers with the NPD Group, the average monthly pay-TV subscription bill may top $200 by 2020.

Jennifer Duncan and her family have cut the cord and ended the contract with their satellite company.

"Savings is the ultimate thing," Duncan said. "The huge drop. One-hundred dollars to save a month to put towards something else."

Gone are the Duncan's premium channels and $120 bill. Instead, the Madison County family will rely on Netflix and Hulu subscriptions for less than $20 total. And the Duncans aren't the only ones going with this non-traditional way of watching TV.

"We just use Netflix, Amazon Prime, and over-the-air antenna," said Daniel Horton, another convert. "That provides us with everything we want to see."

Horton and his wife, Sharla, cut the cord in 2011. Why? For the same reason as the Duncans – the savings.

"We were paying for a lot of channels that we we're even watching," he said.

And in the last four years, that's helped them save thousands of dollars.

"There is nothing that we're missing," Horton said. "We would never go back."

"I think within the next year - maybe year and a half - we're probably going to look at a completely different dynamic from cable companies trying to deliver content to their consumers," said a representative with electronics retail chain Best Buy.

The store has an entire section for cord-cutters to get you started, including products to help you stream. Apple, Roku, Amazon and Google all offer devices that cost between $30 and $100 that can replace your cable box. Many come with apps pre-loaded like Netflix and Hulu. Some offer free shows, but others come at a cost. It's also worth checking to see if you own a smart TV or video game console with that will give you that same access.

And what about staying current on the daily headlines? Purchase an over-the-air antenna. That can run you less than $30 and gives you free access to over-the-air channels.

The Hortons say it could take new cord cutters some time to adjust. The Duncan's say they're experiencing those growing pains, but they're not turning back now.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nielson researchers say the pay-TV industry has lost more than 2.2 million customers since 2013.

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