Alleged rape victim sues Royal Sonesta

Alleged rape victim sues Royal Sonesta

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Attorney Gloria Allred has filed a lawsuit against a hotel in a case of alleged rape cited in an inspector general's report on the NOPD's handling of sex crimes.

Allred, alongside her client and the woman's husband, announced the suit against the Royal Sonesta on Wednesday on the steps of Civil District Court.

The woman claims she was raped by a security guard while staying at the Sonesta during Mardi Gras 2013. The couple claims guards accused them of making too much noise and separated them before the alleged assault.

"After our client reported the alleged rape, she was brought to a local hospital where a rape kit was performed," Allred said. "The examination of her body revealed multiple injuries."

Last year police reopened the investigation after the IG's revelations about neglected rape cases in the city. Allred says the hotel is responsible for keeping guests safe, but they hired a security guard who had a history of violence. She said the man has twice pleaded guilty to domestic abuse battery.

"The Royal Sonesta hotel should be ashamed," Allred said. "They employed the alleged rapist, they know about his criminal past. We ask as between the hotel and the guest who should be responsible for checking out the background of the security personnel."

In a statement, the Royal Sonesta said it can't comment on the specifics of this case, but claims it does not agree with the plaintiff's version of what happened and has cooperated with the NOPD.

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