Abortion reversal now an option

Abortion reversal now an option

(WVUE/FOX) - A doctor in North Carolina has developed a treatment he claims can reverse an abortion.

Dr. Matthew Harrison says it's about 60 percent effective as long as the woman starts it within 72 hours of taking medication such as "Plan-B" also known as the morning-after pill.

The treatment involves a series of progesterone shots a pregnant woman receives after she takes the abortion pill..

"The way the abortion pill works is it essentially starves the baby by blocking the natural hormone that's in the woman's body, so if that hormone is blocked, the baby can't survive," Dr. Harrison says. "What progesterone does is it puts extra hormone into her system, the natural hormone that's already in her system, and it floods her system with progesterone so the abortion pill doesn't work."

Dr. Harrison says more than 100 mothers across the nation have already used the kit successfully with no side effects.

"We're hoping that this gives a woman a choice when she thinks she made a mistake," says Harrison. "We want to protect your reproductive rights, and your rights to save your baby, so that's where we jump in."

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