Neighbors welcome online property auction

Neighbors welcome online property auction

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Ralph Lewis has lived in Central City for the past 58 years. First and Prieur used to be his old stomping grounds. Now, practically every property is blighted or vacant.

"Like right here. This used to be a bar," he said. "They had the bar right here on Jackson and Prieur and then there was the supermarket."

About 1,800 adjudicated properties are now online to be auctioned off. An adjudicated property is when property taxes haven't been paid. The property becomes delinquent and the city is unable to sell it at a tax sale.

"Third parties will come in. Neighbors will come in and invest in these properties. They'll renovate, rebuild or rehab," said City Councilwoman  Stacey Head.

An interactive online map shows all of the available properties. If you're interested, you can click on the address and put down $650.

"That gives the city the front money to have the title worked on. We're doing everything properly to make sure that all notices are sent out and research is done," Head said.

The city will have 90 days to track down the property owners and give them one last chance to pay. Head said the entire process is transparent.

"It's not selecting one group over the other. It's not having government decide there's an hierarchy of values. Anybody can go in and bid on these properties," she said.

Officials say the properties will come with a clear title.

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