State secretary warns of fraudulent calls to businesses

State secretary warns of fraudulent calls to businesses

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - The Louisiana Secretary of State warns all business owners to be wary of fraudulent phone calls. The calls claim to offer a service to handle the filing of annual business reports.

Tom Schedler's office says a company named Louisiana Council for Corporations has been calling businesses seeking a $125 service fee to file the report, but no annual report is ever filed.

"We have seen similar scams in the past using notices sent by mail," Secretary of State Tom Schedler said. "This time, businesses are being contacted by phone, but the outcome is the same-they lose money and never receive an updated annual report. My advice is for owners to beware if contacted by phone concerning their annual reports. My office will only reach out to them if they have initiated a filing and we have follow up questions. When in doubt, hang up and call my office directly to insure you are not being taken for a ride."

Schedler's office also says business owners should know any correspondence from Corporate Records Service, Louisiana Corporate Compliance Business Services and Corporate Compliance Company is not affiliated or associated with the Louisiana state government in any way.

Business owners with questions or concerns should call the Department of State's Commercial Division at (225) 225-4704.

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