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Rainy, wet week in store


As promised, the weather went downhill today with lots of clouds and sporadic rain across southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

We have the potential to see as many as 6 to 8 inches of rain before week's end, with some isolated areas seeing even higher totals. Those higher totals would come in the form of training storms moving across the same areas. It's very difficult to pinpoint if or when those kinds of rain bands might form, but it is a possibility with this weather set up. As the area is in a moderate drought and the rain is expected to come in spurts, there are no major flooding concerns right now.

We will have relatively warm conditions in place. Highs will remain in the 70s with a flow out of the east-southeast as several disturbances develop in the Gulf and move north. High moisture content will keep overnight lows from falling much with lows hovering in the 60s.

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