N.O. East residents call for peace after violent weekend

N.O. East residents call for peace after violent weekend

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A 15-year-old is in police custody for allegedly carjacking two women at the intersection of Bundy and Dwyer in New Orleans East on Sunday afternoon.

Hubert Thompson, who lives less than a block from the scene, says, "It's just sad, you know, it's sad for those young children to be doing that these days."

Police say three men ran up to the victim's car - one wearing a ski mask and carrying a firearm - and ordered the women out. The suspects drove off in the 2006 Suzuki grand Vitara. The 15-year-old was picked up shortly after the crime. Two other suspects remain at large.

State Rep. Wesley Bishop, whose district includes New Orleans East, explains, "What bothers me more than anything is, there seems to be a culture of violence that too many are getting involved in."

Bishop happened to be near the area where the carjacking happened Sunday. In fact, he was just a couple of blocks away, passing by Lake Forest and Bundy, just after police say someone opened fire on two men in a car, hitting them both.

"People tend not to commit violent crimes in the presence of police officers, so we absolutely need more police officers," Bishop said.

At the time of the shooting, there was a block party taking place at a shopping center just across from the intersection. While no one at the party was injured, one of the bullets did pierce the window of a gym.

Delores Fisher, who owns M&J restaurant in the shopping center, says, "There were a lot of kids out there."

Fisher says the violence in the area needs to stop. First, that starts with the parents. "I have a 20-year-old and that's why he's working here, he doesn't need to be on the streets," Fisher said.

Following the violence Sunday, a New Orleans East resident woke up Monday morning to discover a body on her front lawn. Police say the man had been shot at least once. His body was discovered in the 8000 block of Vanderkloot.

Bishop points out that New Orleans East can't be pegged as the city's only area with a crime problem. "If violence is following an individual who's involved in violent behavior, if they happen to go in New Orleans East, violence is gonna go there, if they happen to go on St. Charles, violence is going to follow them there," Bishop said.

Which is why he and other lawmakers are working on solutions like finding funding to pay for additional law enforcement to curtail the problem, citywide.

Police haven't yet made any arrests in Sunday's double shooting. The two victims, ages 19 and 21, sustained non-life threatening injuries.

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