After Further Review: Shocking Graham trade has merit and legitimate questions

After Further Review: Shocking Graham trade has merit and legitimate questions

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - It took the Saints an entire offseason just to define Jimmy Graham's true position and give him the richest contract ever handed out to a tight end.

It took them all of the first few minutes of free agency to trade Graham away to Seattle.  Five sentences were how much Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis devoted to Graham's time here on the team's official statement. That's it.

Talk about a 180.

So as it stands right now, after 2014's 7-9 debacle, Graham, Pierre Thomas and Curtis Lofton all lost their jobs.  Brodrick Bunkley, Junior Galette and Jamarca Sanford all still have theirs.  Just let that sink in.

So I'm right there with the most of the fan base in just the pure shock of it all. This offseason has been absolutely bananas.

And here's something even crazier: I think the Saints got better with this deal. That's right, despite trading an ELITE level star in his prime; I think the Saints got better.

Yes, they'll lose the sexiness of the big plays Graham provides, a sexiness I don't think they can replace and one the Seahawks will no doubt enjoy. But they added the steadiness of one their most glaring holes. Max Unger brings instant stability. The Saints will now bank on a very good center and a decent tight end will bring them better results than a top-flight tight end and a question mark in the middle of the line. They've done it in the past. The Saints were every bit as prolific as offense before Graham arrived here.  Remember, Graham doesn't have a Super Bowl ring.

But I can't call the Saints are winners in this deal yet, more like an incomplete. We won't truly know the final result until the 31


pick in the NFL Draft. There the Saints have an opportunity to truly cash in on yet another bold move by the Sean Payton/Mickey Loomis brain trust.

They can't let that opportunity slip away.

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