Massive film studio opens in New Orleans East

Massive film studio opens in New Orleans East

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A new film studio opened Wednesday in New Orleans East.

FilmWorks New Orleans celebrated its grand opening on Wednesday, becoming one of the largest film studios in the area.

The studio was once the main headquarters and distribution center of MacFrugal's, a discount outlet chain which burned down in 1996. Several years later, the property was purchased, restored and utilized as a warehouse. Since October 2014, managing partner George Steiner has led the transformation of the space into one of New Orleans' largest motion picture production facilities.

"The film industry is decentralizing away from its origins in Southern California and relocating to new places across the country, particularly Louisiana. As a result, people are migrating to Louisiana, and tourists are visiting because of the near constant exposure to our authentic culture in films and on TV," said Will French, president of the Louisiana Film & Entertainment Association. "We are excited to see a new production facility open in New Orleans. It is the surest sign that our motion picture tax credits are working and creating new jobs for Louisiana."

FilmWorks New Orleans is quickly growing in popularity. Its fourth movie is currently being filmed at the facilities. George Steiner, President of FilmWorks New Orleans, said that the studio is booked for months.

The studio, located just minutes from the French Quarter, offers 37 acres of flexible space, including a 20,000 square-foot stage, a 406,000 square-foot backlot, and two floors of 92,000 square feet of mill/work space each.

FilmWorks New Orleans is located in the 3500 block of Jourdan Road.

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