NOPD Chief honors officer

NOPD Chief honors officer

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison recognized a Fourth District officer for her quick thinking during a medical emergency call.

Harrison gave Officer Quannecia Quiana Booker the Superintendent's Coin and a Service of Excellence Award.

Harrison says during routine patrol in Algiers in January, Booker observed a Ford Explorer parked in a travel lane near the intersection of Kabel Drive and General DeGaulle Drive. When she stopped to investigate, Booker found a female driver inside of the SUV who appeared to be experiencing medical issues related to a diabetic condition.

Harrison added that Booker immediately requested EMS assistance and tried to comfort the victim by holding her hand, went  to a nearby convenience store and picked up a candy bar for the victim and gave her a soda from her police unit.

While they waited, Harrison says Booker continued to hold the victim's hand, told her not to give up and even called the victim's daughter and husband to notify them of the situation.

The victim's condition appeared to worsen, so Booker made the quick decision to drive the victim to urgent care for medical assistance. Two good Samaritans on the scene helped Booker move the victim to the backseat of her vehicle. Booker then drove the victim's vehicle to a local urgent care clinic.

A nurse told family members that the victim's blood sugar level was dangerously low and that the quick actions of both the officer and the others who stopped to assist the victim prevented any serious consequences.

Booker stayed with the victim until she was transferred to an area hospital.

Weeks later, the victim contacted Booker's supervisor and said that she credited Booker with saving her life that day.

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