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5 arrested for counterfeit money scheme in Slidell


Five people have been arrested for being part of a complex counterfeit money scheme that conned several New Orleans area businesses out of thousands of dollars, according to the Slidell Police Department.

Over a course of three months in late 2014, eight businesses in Slidell made reports of receiving counterfeit fifty and one-hundred-dollar bills. 

Detective Luke Irwin, who is also part of the United States Secret Service Task Force, partnered with the federal agency and discovered that the same counterfeit bills (identified by the serial number) were being passed at more than two dozen businesses across the New Orleans area.

During the course of the investigation, five suspects were identified. They are Destinee Warren, 22, Diondre Jones, 26, Anthony Chaney, 28, Tajhan Armour., 19, and Jamineca Williams, 19.

Police say Destinee Warren was the ring leader of the group and would obtain the counterfeit money and distribute it to the other four suspects. 

The group would go to businesses throughout the area, make a small purchase using the counterfeit money, and would then obtain real money as change. Warren would get a certain percentage of the real money, and her colleagues would keep the rest. It is unknown how Warren was obtaining the counterfeit money, but it is suspected she was printing the fake money on a high-quality printer.

The investigation is still on-going, and other law enforcement agencies in the area are expected to file additional charges on the five suspects.

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