After Further Review: Browner and contract make it a win for Saints

After Further Review: Browner and contract make it a win for Saints

It's not just the player, it's the price.

That was my first thought when I saw that the Saints signed cornerback Brandon Browner to a three-year deal worth a reported $15 million. Not only did they get an immediate starter, they got him for $5 million a season. That's a bargain, a huge  bargain.

Before free agency even began, the market was on fire for cornerbacks. Sure, we knew Byron Maxwell and Darelle Revis would get paid big but then the next tier of guys like Kareem Jackson and Brandon Flowers both  got $9 million per season.

It looked like bad news for the cash-strapped Saints who were thought to be ‘middle class' buyers on the open market. With prices like that in the top tier, it appeared the Saints wouldn't land their guy for less than at least $6.5M. But it didn't happen.

With this deal the Saints literally got exactly what they wanted: a big physical cornerback, a leader and at a bargain rate.

All of a sudden a secondary with Browner, Jairus Byrd, Kenny Vaccaro and Keenan Lewis (provided he makes up with the organization) doesn't look so bad. In fact, it looks pretty good or at the very least pretty physical.

Yes, Browner has a little baggage with his prior suspensions. And he, along with Vaccaro, will attract a lot of flags with their styles of play. But call me crazy, I think that nastiness will be welcomed. Especially with the rugged tone that's been set by the organization this offseason.

Of course there is no guarantee any of the Saints' moves will work. And coming off a 7-9 season, the benefit of the doubt for this regime is not as high as it once was where every move was seen as a great one.

However, by getting Browner at the price they did, they were able to accomplish their biggest offseason mission.