Accused accomplice in Sharper rape case has court hearing

Accused accomplice in Sharper rape case has court hearing

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The attorney for Brandon Licciardi met with a federal judge Thursday.

Licciardi is accused of being an accomplice in the rape case against former Saints player Darren Sharper. The judge is still considering a request by prosecutors to put a protective order in place.

The idea is to protect the privacy of victims and witnesses. The order calls for ground rules, requesting that defense lawyers not be allowed to discuss certain elements of the case with the media, Licciardi's family or even Licciardi himself.

Licciardi's attorney says that will hamper his defense, and he has filed an order in opposition. Licciardi faces federal charges of drug distribution, witness tampering and impeding and investigation in connection to the Sharper rape case. 

Sharper is been locked up and lost Angeles on drug and raped charges, and he's also indicted in Arizona on similar charges.

A judge did not make a decision after Thursday's hearing.

Darren Sharper will be brought from Los Angeles where he's being held now to New Orleans for an April 6 arraignment in federal court.

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