Tree-turned-wedding-crasher can't ruin honeymoon

Tree-turned-wedding-crasher can't ruin honeymoon

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A newlywed couple spending their honeymoon in New Orleans had an uninvited guest crash their visit.

A massive oak tree branch smashed through the windshield and hood of Ron and Candace Tompkins' car early Tuesday morning, leaving the vehicle immobile.

The Tompkins' discovered the ghastly state of their car while they were eating across the street at The Irish House on St. Charles Avenue.

"I saw a truck and then the limb, and I thought, hey that came close to our car. And then I got closer and I saw, no that's on the car! Oh crap!!" Ron Tompkins said.

"All these drunk people started coming out and crowding around, and they were asking stupid questions, like, oh, that's not bad, I could drive that!" said Candace Tompkins.

The limb fell in the middle of the night, but woman was nearby as the tree branch began to crack.

"I was standing over at the trolly station and I heard something crack and there was this huge tree and a blue car was sitting right there and the limb just went straight into the windshield," said Erin Rogers, who was visiting from Birmingham. "It sounded like a mini-bomb going off, and then it hit and you heard glass kinda go, and it was one of the loudest things I've heard in a long time."

Instead of lamenting the loss of their car, the newlyweds from Florida did what any Crescent City local would do - they grabbed a drink.

"The bartender was telling us the amount and he said, 'hold it, are you the folks that own that car across the street?' and I was like, 'yeah,' and he said, 'Oh this is on us, you need it!" Ron Tompkins said.

Now the happy couple have a story they'll never forget and a new-found love of New Orleans.

"This is my first trip to New Orleans. We've lived in Pensacola for 17 years, finally made it to New Orleans, and this won't be my last visit, I've fallen in love with this city," Ron Tompkins said.

"This has been amazing, and you know it's really not that bad because we're together and it's gonna make, well it's already made a funny story - it could've been a lot worse," Candace Tompkins said.

"We're together, we're safe, and we're in love!" the Tompkins said as they smooched in front of their demolished car.



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