Family pleads for help in making arrest after beating is caught on tape

Family pleads for help in making arrest after beating is caught on tape

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A Kenner family is pleading for help to find the gunman who shot their son, but police say they have a dilemma on their hands as they try to make arrests in the brutal beating and shooting.

Two men beat a 29-year-old man unconscious near Kenner's Lincoln Manor gym on the last day of February. The incident was captured on cell phone video and acquired by the victim's family.

Police say one hour later, the victim was shot four times. FOX 8 spoke to him in the hospital.

"My ankle's shattered, got a bullet in my leg, my back and two holes in my back," said the victim, whom FOX 8 News is not identifying.

The victim said the fight started on the basketball court.

"While I was talking to two guys, the guy who pushed me on the basketball court, he got in front of me and that's the last thing I remember," the victim said.

"Between me and my wife, it's upsetting her a lot," said the victim's father.

While the victim says he was unconscious, police say he knows more than he's telling.

"We brought him lineups, and he told us he wasn't going to do our jobs for us," said Kenner Police spokesman Lt. Brian McGregor.

This situation is especially perplexing for Rodney Boyd. He has another son who was also shot in Lincoln Manor two years ago.

"He's doing ok, but he's injured for life," Boyd said.

Police say they have tried twice to get the victim to identify the gunmen, and though they have received some information, they need more.

"Ultimately, it's not his family who will go to court, it has to come from him," McGregor said.

Police also say the victim had a weapon.

"He came back with a hammer - he's the aggressor. But we're looking at the shooting. Nobody deserves to be shot," McGregor said.

The assailants are still on the loose. But police say without the victim's cooperation, they may not be able to arrest a dangerous gunman who still walks free.

The victim will have another surgery on Monday to repair a leg shattered by one of the bullets. In the meantime, police say they have offered him protection if he cooperates. Anyone with information is asked to help catch the gunmen, call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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