Friday is National Proposal Day

Friday is National Proposal Day

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Love is in the air on the first day of spring. It's National Proposal day.

Hundreds of people around the world will get down on one knee and slide a ring on a finger.

There is no exact date when this special day was first observed. However, it was started as a day dedicated for men to propose marriage and take the plunge.

Even more appropriate, it falls on the first day of spring - symbolic of a new start. One diamond expert also urges you to make sure you are educated on diamonds before you drop a lot of money on one.

"The four C's really are the blueprint. Start with the cut, the amount of brilliance the diamond possesses. Then you get into color, the type of white or yellow diamonds there are. Then you get into clarity, the type and amount of inclusion the diamond possesses. The last one is the famous one. It's carat, the size of the diamond," said Arthur Ilyev, co-founder of

Once you got that you are ready to join others around the world on this National Proposal Day.

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