Robert Durst held without bond, considered a flight risk

Robert Durst held without bond, considered a flight risk

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Robert Durst will not be given a bond for his drug and weapons charges in New Orleans.

After his arrest, police found a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver and more than five ounces of marijuana in his J.W. Marriott hotel room. On Monday in court, Magistrate Judge Harry Cantrell denied bond, calling Durst a flight risk and a danger to the community.

Prosecutors made the argument that the evidence found in Durst's hotel room was consistent with someone on the run. Police found a latex mask, maps, more than $44,000 in cash and a fake I.D. in his hotel room after his arrest.

"It's not a difficult argument for the prosecution to make to hold him without bond," said local attorney Tom Shlosman. "Based on all the evidence that we already know about, he shipped to his hotel room a large sum of cash, maps to a foreign country, and disguises, if you will, and other items that make it an easy decision to make to hold him without bond."

Even Durst's attorney, Dick DeGuerin, told Judge Cantrell that he didn't expect his client would be granted a bond, considering his history.

Durst was previously convicted of bail jumping in Houston after posting a $250,000 bond and then leaving the state, only to later be arrested in Pennsylvania when he was caught shoplifting a sandwich at a grocery store.

The Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office was pleased with the proceedings, but now faces a challenge from DeGuerin over the lawfulness of the arrest and subsequent search of Durst's hotel room.

"There's no doubt that his lawyers are going to argue the constitutionality of the search of Mr. Durst's hotel room," Shlosman said. "To my understanding he was not arrested inside the hotel room, but the agents made their way up there and it's going to be an interesting argument."

In court, the District Attorney's investigator testified that Durst's hotel room was inventoried, including the drugs and gun, hours before a search warrant was signed for the room.

Durst now faces a preliminary examination in court April 2.

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