Murdered man's son says he opened fire on suspects with AK 47s

Murdered man's son says he opened fire on suspects with AK 47s

A New Orleans man finds his father in a pool of blood and says he fired back at two men carrying AK 47s. The murder happened Sunday in the 2400 block of Oriole Street, a quiet neighborhood near the University of New Orleans.

Inside the home on Oriole Street, police found 54-year-old Herbert Meyers Jr. shot multiple times. Meyers' brother, Kevin, tells FOX 8, "We're just all devastated, our family - for Herb, he didn't deserve this."

Meyers' son says he returned from Walgreens around 11 p.m. to find his father lying on the floor, wounded. He says he heard voices whispering so he ran to his truck, grabbed a gun, then returned inside and opened fire. The son says the intruders ran through the backyard and jumped a fence to escape.

NOPD homicide division Commander Nicholas Gernon says, "Right now we don't have much of a description to go on which is why we're trying to canvas the area and we're asking for any neighbors that may have video to come forward and do so."

Police also aren't ready to confirm that Meyers' son shot at the intruders, saying they're waiting on ballistics tests to be completed. In the meantime, Meyer's family is remembering him as a man who worked hard and was loved by many. "He had a construction company and he had a jazz club in Mississippi," Kevin Meyers said.

Meyers had lived in the Lake Oaks neighborhood near UNO for eight years. Meyers' son says he thinks his dad was targeted. A safe was open inside the home, but the son hasn't determined if anything inside was taken. Investigators are still working on a motive. "We've got a lot more questions than answers," Gernon said.

Residents in the neighborhood pay for private patrols with armed security guards. Some we spoke to said this had to have been an isolated incident. "I don't think it's a normal thing, I think it's something that happened. It was very unusual, I don't expect it to keep on happening," said neighborhood association president, Ann Duffy.

Kevin Meyers hopes police arrest whomever is responsible for killing his brother. "Herb my brother was a good person, he didn't have any shady business or nothing of that nature. He was just a good person and may have trusted too many people," he said.

Investigators are still looking for witnesses - anyone who may have seen one or more gunmen enter Meyers' home Sunday night. If you have any information about this murder, call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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