AFR: Contract status quo, not trade rumors, biggest indicator of Brees' future

AFR: Contract status quo, not trade rumors, biggest indicator of Brees' future

Drew Brees is not  getting traded.

I repeat, Drew Brees is not getting traded.

I'm not sure what's worse, how

much the national mainstream media has run with this rumor, or the alarmingly high amount of Saints fans that actually think it's a good idea.

I'm truly dumbfounded by how easy many in the Who Dat nation think replacing Brees will be.

Nonetheless,  it's not happening. It really doesn't do anyone any good talking about.

But it was another decision about Brees and his contract that speaks volumes about where the organization feels #9 is in his career.

Coming into this offseason with their salary cap issues,  the Saints could've addressed Brees massive cap hit in two ways: pay cut or extension.

Neither happened.

A pay cut was on Brees, he had to agree to make less money. We can debate if he should have ( he shouldn't) but the bottom line is that was never going to happen.  Which left the Saints with the option of an extension. The team could've gotten more present cap relief by adding more years to Brees' deal. It seems likely Brees would've been on board with that. The only problem is the Saints were not. At least not yet. The team basically felt it was better to find cap space elsewhere than extend a quarterback past his 37th birthday.  

This is the biggest indicator of where the organization stands with Brees at this stage of his career, not some ridiculous trade rumor.

By not extending Brees, the Saints essentially declared they are in 'wait-and-see' mode on him and his skills. They're not convinced that it's worth adding another year to a 36-year old quarterback despite his remarkable consistency and availability. If they were, they would have done so. 

That's fair. Eventually age catches up to everyone.

It all adds up to a 'prove it' year for Brees in 2015. Another playoff run with 5,000 yards passing (another thing fans now think is a ho-hum accomplishment) likely means Brees is in line for that extension next offseason.

 But another year of watching the postseason from home, despite gaudy numbers, and the organization will likely come to the realization that the most successful run in team history, with Brees at the helm, is over.