Sharper's plea deal leaves victims advocates disgusted

Sharper's plea deal leaves victims advocates disgusted

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Victims advocates wanted former NFL star Darren Sharper to face more time than the nine years behind bars he is getting because of his plea deals.

Tuesday, Sharper entered a guilty plea in Nevada via Skype from Los Angeles, where he is being held on sexual assault charges.

He already entered a plea for his charges in California and Arizona.

Each sentence is being combined in what his attorneys describe as global plea deal.

Local victims advocates wanted more.

"I think they wanted to wrap things up quickly," Metropolitan Center for Women and Children Program Director Rebecca Rainey said. "They failed the women he attacked and he raped."

Sharper's next stop to resolve his federal and state rape charges is New Orleans where he's expected to make the same guilty plea next month.

Rainey believes his victims will not be satisfied.

"I think they'll be disgusted," Rainey said. "I can understand from one side of the point saying well if he goes to trial he might not get anything. So this might be better than nothing but that's a year a rape in four different states. He should be serving time in each of those states."

The Los Angeles District Attorney says the victims agreed to the deal they would not have to take the stand.

"We see the injustice of someone who has done such horrific things manage to get nine years. Sometimes the criminal justice system just doesn't seem fair," Family Justice Center of New Orleans Director Mary Claire Landry said.

Landry says she understands why prosecutors made a plea.

"We're very grateful for the victims that they don't have to go through a long protracted jury trial. That can be devastating and take years," Landry said.

Sharper's plea comes with an agreement that he'll spend his time in a federal prison. Rainey believes Sharper should serve his time in a state penitentiary like Angola.

"Here in Louisiana it's life sentence," Rainey said. "He's only going to do nine in a federal prison. I mean he hit the jackpot."

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