Grand jury finishing up case where deputy killed boy with BB gun

Grand jury finishing up case where deputy killed boy with BB gun

HOUMA, LA (WVUE) - The case where a deputy shot and killed a 14-year-old boy near Houma is coming to a head.

Thursday morning, a Terrebonne Parish grand jury will announce its decision on whether to indict deputy Preston Norman.

Last September, Norman responded to a 911 call were a resident said teens with guns were in an abandoned home on Kirkglen Loop.

Sheriff Jerry Larpenter says when Norman got to the home he saw 14-year-old Cameron Tillman holding what the deputy claims looked to be a .48 caliber handgun.

The deputy says an altercation then ensued and that's when he shot and killed Cameron.

The boy's aunt, Comeako Tillman, describes the family as broken and said they want the grand jury to make an indictment.

"We just want justice," she said. "I know and feel in my heart that the jury is going to make the right decision and they are going to indict Mr. Norman. I feel it my heart."

"We're hoping that Terrebonne Parish shows that they are the type of parish that can be fair and not look at the officer as being right because he was an officer," Cameron's uncle Furnell Tillman said.

Wednesday, Larpenter did not return calls for comment.

Days after the shooting, he told our partners at HTV what he believes happened that night.

"The first thing they see is that hand with a gun and then a body and it turns to the left. The only scenario that could happened," Larpenter said in a September interview. "As we mentioned by his older brother he was there with, is that he is a jokester and that he thought his friend was outside knocking on the door."

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