It's National Paella Day!

It's National Paella Day!

(WVUE) - Louisiana has jambalaya and Spain has paella.

If you haven't tried the popular Spanish rice dish, this would be a good day as it's National Spanish Paella Day. The word paella means "frying pan."

Historians say it began when workers in the field would make a rice dish in a flat pan over a fire and mix in whatever they could find at the time such as rabbit or snails .

However the key ingredients are olive oil and saffron that gives the rice its golden color. But these days you'll find many variations of the dish, including seafood, vegetarian or a mixture of all meats.

According to tradition, it's a dish that's shared at large gatherings with family and friends. But if you don't feel adventurous enough to make it yourself, then chances you'll have no problems finding it if you head out for dinner or lunch because it's now served at many restaurants around the world.

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