Reward for goat beheading, man's murder finally equal

Reward for goat beheading, man's murder finally equal

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Domino's Pizza on Friday increased the reward to $13,000 in the murder of one of its delivery drivers. That ties the LA/SPCA's reward for information about the person who beheaded a goat.

People on social media are asking what took so long.

"We had $3,000 in the reward fund, and we had a donor who wanted to give $10,000 to our original fund, driving it to $13,000," said Alicia Haefele of the LA/SPCA.

Haefele says tips are rolling in, but at the same time, Darlene Cusanza's Crimestoppers reward for the murder of delivery man Michael Price stood at around $10,000.

"We haven't had as many as we hoped for," Cusanza said.

Some people are outraged.

"That's ridiculous," one man said. "I mean, there should be more reward for the guy that got killed other than the goat."

Someone gunned down Price late Tuesday night at the corner of North Roman and St. Maurice streets as he was making a delivery. Cusanza said the slow tip stream doesn't surprise her.

"We knew it was a desolate area and not many people will be a witness to that because it wasn't very populated," she said.

Haefele says the video in the goat beheading case gets an emotional response from viewers.

Cusanza says you never know what motivates someone to give.

"The reward for something like a murder should be more than an animal of course," Haefele said. "It's a sad reality in the way things work out sometimes."

She said murders in the news every day may desensitize some people. Cruelty to animals isn't shown as often.

Domino's added to the more than $10,000 reward, beefing it up to $13,000 for Price's killing.

"I understand a goat, but that was a dad and that was a father. That's ridiculous," one man said.

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