City Park golf course protester recounts 12 days in a tree

City Park golf course protester recounts 12 days in a tree

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The man who spent 12 straight days perched in a tree is branching out to let others know why - and how - he did it.

"I was a little sleep deprived, hungry and angry. The cops were bugging me playing their music all night," Lloyd Boover said.

Boover and a fellow protester climbed the tree on March 13 decrying the construction of the City Park golf course. The green space was a golf course before Hurricane Katrina, but Boover believes the approximately 100-year-old cypress he was protesting in should not have been torn down.

City Park officials say they've planted 6,000 trees since Katrina, and have done everything they could to minimize the destruction of other trees.

"There's a dozen century-old oak trees and cypresses getting cut down. It's pretty heartbreaking," he said.

He and the woman who was protesting  with him - she came down on day six - climbed the tree with a short supply of food, water and a hammock. Boover passed the time reading books and meditating. He said when he had to go he went.

"I had a poo bucket. I just put some dry leaves in there, sealed it up. It was no big deal," Boover said.

Boover owns a home not far from the park in the Gentilly area. He said when his supply of food and water started to run low his supporters snuck him supplies, even enlisting their children to help out.

"There were good people who their children were helping," he said. "I can't give you details on how."

On March 24, Boover said he accidentally fell from the tree due to hunger and sleep deprivation. He fell 20 feet to the ground, spraining his ankle and breaking his nose. He was taken into custody and booked with criminal trespassing and resisting arrest.

"I do hope it inspires other people to do this, hopefully, for the long run while the whole construction last for the next two years so these trees are saved," he said.

The tree Boover was protesting in was cut down the day his protest ended.

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