River pilots face obstacles as Miss. River swells

River pilots face obstacles as Miss. River swells

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Mississippi River continues to rise in New Orleans and that means additional challenges for those who have to pilot it every day. As of Wednesday morning,  the river at the Carrollton gauge is at 14.17 feet and expected to rise a little more Thursday.

That's high enough for the Army Corps of Engineers to enact their Phase 1 Flood Flight meaning twice weekly inspections of the levee. The Mississippi is expected to crest in the next few days and the corps has no plans to open the Bonnet Carre or Morganza Spillways.

With the high river level comes a stronger than usual current which means an additional challenge for those who pilot boats on the Mississippi.

Boat captains have to get around more debris when the river is high. On the West Bank, the water is well beyond the first line of trees.

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