Glover death reclassification may mean new trial

Glover death reclassification may mean new trial

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Legal analyst Joseph Raspanti says reclassifying Henry Glover's death as a homicide opens up the possibility that his killer, former NOPD officer David Warren, could face charges again.

"It can be tried again even though almost all of the very same facts, I'm sure, will be presented again, and this man has already been tried and found not guilty. If there is something new, better and different, that's what the DA will have to go with if he decides to go with something," Raspanti said.

Warren shot Glover near a strip mall in Algiers in the days after Hurricane Katrina. William Tanner was passing by in his car and drove Glover to an NOPD SWAT compound set up nearby. Tanner said officers handcuffed and beat him and left Glover in the car.

"They had that man in that car for nearly an hour, 50 or 45 minutes just bleeding," Tanner told FOX 8 in a 2009 interview.

Officer Gregory McRae then drove Glover's body behind the levee and set the car on fire. McRae is facing a 17-year-sentence. His attorney claims McRae was sleep deprived and mentally unsound when he burned Glover's body.

Last August, McRae announced his plans to appeal.

Former Orleans Parish Coroner Dr. Frank Minyard ruled Glover's death undetermined. Current Coroner Dr. Jeffery Rouse said he made the reclassification after getting new evidence from other agencies.

"I did determine that outside information was necessary to make the appropriate forensic determination and to that end, I contacted the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office and they did provide new evidence which I reviewed in its entirety and came up with what I believe to be the correct classification of this death," Rouse said in a statement.

Minyard did not want to comment on the reclassification.

The Orleans DA's office did not return FOX 8's calls for comment.

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