Henry Glover's family reacts to coroner reclassification ruling

Henry Glover's family reacts to coroner reclassification ruling

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Henry Glover's family says it's been a long fight, but this is the day they've been waiting for for nearly a decade. Glover's mother, Brenda, tells Fox 8 she was brought to tears when she got the call from the Orleans Parish Coroner that her son's death would now be classified as a homicide. Glover's aunt, Rebecca Glover, tells us they're fight isn't over yet.

"This is the day we've been fighting for," said Rebecca Glover.

The Glover family fought a hard 10 years, demanding that his death be reclassified as a homicide. They even stormed into then Orleans Parish Coroner, Frank Minyard's office after former New Orleans Police Officer David Warren was acquitted of federal civil rights charges for shooting Glover in the days following Hurricane Katrina. Today, they got the news they've been waiting all these years for.

"It should have been done, you know, what I'm saying if you look at the conditions of Henry's body and what the police said how he shot him and everything. I mean it couldn't be nothing else but a homicide," said Rebecca Glover.

She wasn't the only one who had strong words. The Glover family had joined forces with the New Orleans NAACP last year. They fought to have his death changes from unclassified to homicide. Today, the head of the New Orleans chapter of the NAACP said the decision Wednesday by the current Orleans Parish Coroner. Dr. Jeffery Rouse, is better late than never.

"Its about time. What goes on in the dark comes to light. My heart goes out to the Glover family. I know they are still waiting for justice," said New Orleans NAACP President Morris Reed.

As for Glover's family, they plan to keep fighting for Henry.

"Next step for us, to get together like I said, Rebecca Glover added. "We are going back to the criminal court to see Leon Cannizarro. What I do know is there is no statute of limitation on homicide. I do know that."

Glover's mother did not want to talk on-camera. But, she tells us current Coroner Jeffrey Rouse personally called her to give her the news. She says she feels blessed that this day finally came. We reached out to former Coroner Frank Minyard, but he had no comment. We also contacted the Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizarro, but his office did not return our calls.

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