City Council to take up Uber controversy on April 9th

City Council to take up Uber controversy on April 9th

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Both sides in the dispute over ride-sharing in New Orleans are expected to turn out in large numbers for an upcoming city council meeting, when members will consider the issue of Uber-X service.

Members of the council's Transportation and Airport Committee voted, Wednesday, to take up the long-running Uber-X dispute on April 9th.

"These services are increasingly popular and we must adapt to new realities, but we also need to get it right to ensure public safety and proper consumer protections," said Jared Brossett, Chair of the Transportation and Airport Committee. "It is my goal to pass an ordinance on April 9th that will bring new and innovative transportation options to New Orleans."

Councilmember Susan Guidry said, "We remain committed to adopting responsible, common-sense policies that provide our residents with increased transportation options while ensuring public safety and consumer protection."

City leaders already allow Uber's luxury line, "Uber Black," to operate in New Orleans.

Uber allows a private citizen, using his or her private vehicle, to provides for-hire transportation and is connected to a passenger via a smartphone application or other digital software. The ordinance, would legalize and regulate Uber and similar services, such as Lyft.

Ordinance co-sponsors Jared Brossett and Susan Guidry released a statement explaining what they describe as their commitment to furthering their work to improve the ordinance between now and next Thursday's council meeting.

Councilmembers Brossett and Guidry say a potential sticking point involves drug testing. They say it's unfair to require all other for-hire drivers to undergo drug testing and exempt Uber drivers.

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