Trending: Pong + Pac-Man + Space Invaders = BRILLIANT!

Trending: Pong + Pac-Man + Space Invaders=BRILLIANT!

(WVUE) - Earlier this week we showed you how to gobble up your neighborhood using Google Maps mash-up with the iconic 80s game Pac-Man.

It doesn't take an internet giant to reboot a classic.

Meet Pacapong, a game that combines Pong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders. The premise is simple, but fiendishly hard. Players have to use the keyboard to move the Pong "paddles" up and down. The ball is knocked through a Pac-Man maze filled with ghosts. If you're ball gets eaten, it's game over.

But, wait... There's more.

The "paddles" also must battle Space Invader aliens at the same time.

The game was developed by King Penguin and can be played on Windows, iOS and Linux devices.


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