Your love for comfort foods

Your love for comfort foods

Turns out there is another reason you love comfort foods like mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese or great southern dishes like smothered pork chops. New research shows its not just the taste that attracts you to all those fattening great tasting dishes.

New York College professor Shira Gabriel says some foods resonate with us because of how it makes us feel.

Gabriel does research on the emotional ties to foods. She found that people tend to seek out those foods when they're feeling sad and enjoy them more during those periods.

The research shows if you had a good relationship with your parents or a caregiver who gave you those comfort foods when you were younger then eating them will evoke a positive feeling .

"We are looking for a way to connect to our childhood and to when it was easy and when it was easier to be comforted than it is now." said food writer Ed Levine.

Gabriel did her research as part of a team of researchers at the University at Buffalo, New York. You can read more on this in the Journal Appetite.

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