Tom Benson medical reports turned over to judge

Tom Benson medical reports turned over to judge

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A civil court judge has received the medical reports on Tom Benson from the doctors in charge of examining the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner.

Judge Kern Reese received the documents late Wednesday. He set a hearing in the Benson case for June 1.

A power struggle between members of his family started after Benson announced his new succession plan with ownership of both the Pelicans and Saints, taking it out of the hands of his daughter Renee and grandchildren Rita and Ryan Leblanc, and putting it into the hands of his wife, Gayle.

Benson's estranged family members have filed a lawsuit to stop the plan, stating that the Saints owner is mentally incompetent to make such decisions.

Reese ruled in February that Benson, 87, must undergo an examination that the judge called a standard assessment.

The results of the medical reports will not be made public.

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