Armed 'gorilla man' robs Dat Dog

Armed 'gorilla man' robs Dat Dog

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A thief better suited for the jungle knocked over the Freret Street Dat Dog location Wednesday night after the grills were cold.

Police say a man wearing a gorilla mask barged into the eatery armed with a gun and forced the manager to open the safe before making a getaway with cash.

"We're very blessed to not have any guests in the vicinity. We did have one employee who had an incident, and again it's scary, but he's doing quite well, no one was harmed," said Bill DiPaola, the restaurant's chief operating officer.

Customers weren't too shocked by the disguise the thief chose.

"Well it is New Orleans, so even if we're gonna do something illegal, we want to put a little flair on it," said Luke Conoly, who lives nearby.

The restaurant is getting ready for the Freret Street Festival, and while the situation was unsettling, they won't let it stop them from grilling.

"Life is not about the things that happen to you, life is about the things that you do in response to the things that happen to you. We're a very resilient city and a great city, a city that stands up to things like this and fortunately for us, we've got a lot of friends here that are gonna come down to Freret Fest and feel the same way," DiPaola said.

Even after the wild robbery, residents still feel Freret Street is safe and won't let the crime keep them away from their favorite restaurants.

"Not in any way, shape or form. Crazy stuff happens to everyone, but it's not gonna make me feel unsafe, and plus the hot dog is really good," Conoly said.

Dat Dog will review its security procedures following the robbery, but still plans to host one of the main stages during the free Freret Street Festival this Saturday.

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