Former coroner Minyard speaks about Henry Glover decsion

Former coroner Minyard speaks about Henry Glover decsion

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The former Orleans Parish coroner spoke Thursday about what he believes led to the re-classification of Henry Glover's death as a homicide.

Dr. Frank Minyard made his first comments about yesterday's revelation by current Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Rouse.

Minyard says he agrees with the current coroner's ruling and says he would have made the same determination had he gotten more evidence to prove that it was a homicide.

Glover was shot and killed by a former NOPD officer in the days after Hurricane Katrina. His body later burned in a car on the levee in Algiers.

Minyard said he and his office looked at the evidence over and over while he was the coroner, but just could not find the evidence to call it a homicide.

"There was no way you can call this a homicide without more information and we didn't have any more information," Minyard said. "And like I said, we asked the FBI for what they had, and they wouldn't give it to us."

Glover's family was outraged by Minyard's decision.

"I personally think the cause of that man's death is that he got burned to death, but I can't prove that either," Minyard said. "It was the perfect example of unclassified and what happened is, Jeffery probably found some new evidence from some place - maybe the FBI - and he decided to change it to homicide. Now the ball is in [District attorney Leon] Cannizzaro's court."

A D.A. spokesman said they have not received a copy of the new report from the coroner's office with this new evidence, and until they do the D.A's office will not comment about the reclassification.

The current coroner has not revealed what new evidence he may have received from the FBI or the U.S. attorney.

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