FOX 8 Defenders: Scammers offer refinery work

FOX 8 Defenders: Scammers offer refinery work

HAMMOND, LA (WVUE) - A north shore woman says she and her husband moved to Louisiana for work. He's a plumber, and he's been looking to get a trade job with one of the local refineries. Melissa Ball explains how someone approached her at her place of business, offering what sounded like a great opportunity.

"This person started saying how they were having a shortage right now, and they could get my husband a job, and I was like wow, and they were like, 'Yeah, it's a really easy process, but you have to know somebody to get in,'" Ball said. "They said that, you know, it's a $100 application fee and a $125 uniform fee, and they could get on. And that fee goes toward the TWIC card and it goes toward the OSHA 10, and that was it. And my husband could be working by next week."

She explained the woman soliciting the work put her in touch with a man who claimed to be a Marathon supervisor. She said her husband did a phone interview and was told the next step would be to meet this supervisor at his office or even his home where they could discuss the position, offering $37 an hour.

"I was not thinking, hey this could be a scam, this could be a dangerous situation," Ball said.

While Marathon Petroleum operates a refinery in Garyville, FOX 8 called the company headquarters in Ohio. Communications manager Sid Barth told us, "This is completely a scam. We never advertise jobs and never charge a fee to apply."

She says it should be a red alert if someone offering you a job asks you to pay to apply. She says the only place to apply for a job at Marathon Petroleum is on their website under the careers tab.

Fortunately, after the initial phone conversation, Ball and her husband didn't go any further with the so-called job application. Looking back, they said they realize they could have lost more than $200, but also could have ended up in a dangerous situation.

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