FOX 8 Defenders: $23,000 in consumer savings in March

FOX 8 Defenders: $23,000 in consumer savings in March

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The FOX 8 Defenders track more than $23,000 in savings to consumers last month. Volunteers with the National Council of Jewish Women who staff our consumer advocacy program handled nearly 200 consumer complaints in March. That brings the total savings to consumers across Southeast Louisiana so far this year to $69,000.

When a landlord's home fell into foreclosure last month, the tenant was forced to vacate the property immediately, but they called the FOX 8 Defenders and our volunteers negotiated an extra three weeks at no cost.

We also reminded viewers ahead of tax day about a scam involving fake IRS agents. They call people, tell them they owe back taxes and threaten to arrest them if they don't pay up.

If you have a consumer complaint, call the FOX 8 Defenders at 1-877-670-6397, fill out our online complaint form or email us at

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