3 people carjacked in New Orleans in less than 24 hours

3 people carjacked in New Orleans in less than 24 hours

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - There have been 23 carjackings in New Orleans this year. The latest 3 happened in the last 24 hours.

A Fox 8 CRIMETRACKER investigation has uncovered the majority of those crimes are happening in the 3rd district.

Friday morning, police say a man was stopped at a red light at the intersection of Fleur De Lis Drive and Veterans Memorial around 1:30 when two armed men hit the back of his car with their light grey impala. When the victim got out to assess the damage, the men demanded his car and took off.

That has Lakeview neighbor, Tabatha Waters, concerned. "Well if I am rear-ended my instinct would be to get out with my driver's license and check on the other driver," Walters said. "What should we do if that is occurring?"

Other neighbors we talked to were surprised to learn about the latest carjacking in the 3rd district.

"It's a little unusual, I thought," said Lakeview gas station owner, Ray Bergeron. " Just over here we feel real good we don't have any problems."

"It's a great city, we do have our good and bad people and we just have to learn to live with it," said Lakeview neighbor, Alex McCulloch.

It's not just the 3rd district that is seeing carjackings. NOPD says there was another one around 11:30 Thursday night on Toledano Street. Less than 20 minutes later, another carjacking at Industry and Desire. Police tell Fox 8 News at this time they do not believe the latest 3 carjackings are related, but they're still under investigation.

As for Waters, she says she will keep her doors locked while she's driving. "I did not expect to hear of a crime right over there a block away especially in Lakeview," Waters said.

New Orleans Police say if you are not comfortable getting out of your car, investigators recommend you call police, tell the dispatcher what happened and where you are. Then you can drive to the nearest police station or pull into a populated place and wait for an officer to arrive.

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