WATCH: GoPro survives dizzying 10,000 foot free-fall

WATCH: GoPro survives dizzying 10,000 foot free-fall

(WVUE) - A GoPro camera was found abandoned in a meadow outside of Kristianstad, Switzerland.

The memory card was still intact, but the last video on the camera was surprising.

Falling from the helmet of a skydiver, the camera plummets nearly 10,000 feet. Amazingly, the camera survived the fall.

Dizzying video shows the camera's free-fall. It crashes into a grassy meadow where it remained undetected for several years, according to Kristoffer Örstadius, who uploaded the video to YouTube.

Örstadius adds that his father found the camera several years after the incident.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on April 3 in hopes of re-uniting the camera with its original owner.

On April 4, it was reported that the camera and previous owner had been re-united.

Mobile user? Watch the GoPro's free-fall here:

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