Solar-powered trash compactors coming to the streets of New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Solar-powered trash compactors are coming to high-profile locations throughout the city.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the Department and Sanitation unveiled a plan to install BigBelly solar-powered trash compactors in the French Quarter, Downtown Development District and other high-profile locations throughout the city.

The trash compactors will significantly reduce the frequency of trash collection, reduce overflows of litter and secure trash containers, according to city officials.

Installation of the trash compactors will begin in April.

With the new solar-powered trash compactors, the city hopes to achieve:

  • Cleaner streets – reduced overflows and litter due to additional capacity and enclosed containers;
  • Secure containers – enclosed design prevents rodents and others from accessing the containers and minimizes odor;
  • Increased sustainability – reduced carbon footprint due to fewer collections; and,
  • Resource efficiencies – re-allocations of resource time (based on reduced collections).

The Department of Sanitation has marked each installation location after careful consideration of such factors as pedestrian and traffic flow, ADA requirements, public safety restrictions and business friendliness. The new units will utilize the same footprint as the city's existing black wrought iron cans.

Trash compactor units will be located on the corners of all major commercial streets (Canal, N. Peters, Decatur, Chartres, Royal, and Bourbon), with some iron cans mid-block. In the residential area of the French Quarter, mostly iron cans will remain with a few Big Belly units strategically placed.

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