Witness: Neighborhood turned 'war zone' when gunfire erupts

Witness: Neighborhood turned 'war zone' when gunfire erupts

HARVEY, LA (WVUE) - Deputies are still looking for the person they say shot and killed one man and injured another early Tuesday morning in the Woodmere neighborhood.

Detectives said Stacy Johnson Jr., 20, was shot and killed while he and two friends were smoking weed in a Pontiac G6 parked on Clover Lane. Another man was shot in the buttocks but is recovering from his injury.

Neighbors likened the scene to a war zone as gunfire erupted just before 1 a.m.

"Cannons, like a loud cannon booming sound, continuous, in my head it was like 20 rounds, and I was like, stop please just stop," said Naomi Cooley, the mother of the injured man.

Cooley said she was sleeping when she heard the gunfire and came outside to find her son's friend bleeding in the street.

"I thought that he was gonna survive because he was still taking breaths," Cooley said. "I couldn't do anything for him, I just couldn't do nothing for him, and I felt and I knew, because logic tells me this, this was not meant for him, he's not ever here, he doesn't live here, he's never here and they targeted that car."

Cooley thinks the gunman may have been targeting another person in the area.

"He was in the backseat, he was in the backseat," Cooley said. "He only came over here two or three hours prior. He was only visiting."

Investigators said the three men smoking weed in the car all have criminal histories, including charges for drugs, burglary and robbery.

Anyone with information that could lead to an arrest is asked to call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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