Deputies seize 106 cases of beer, liquor in spring break raid

Deputies seize 106 cases of beer, liquor in spring break raid

MOBILE, AL (WVUE) - A scheme by four LSU teens to bring massive amounts of alcohol to spring break nearly went off without a hitch Monday.

Deputies say the students were hauling 106 cases of beer, eight bottles of liquor and five boxes of wine in a trailer behind a truck. The group made it all the way to Alabama before Mobile County Sheriff's deputies spotted an expired tag on the trailer.

"That was one of the reasons they were pulled over, and of course when we opened the trailer and found all the cases of beer and the alcohol, we then took them to the station," spokesperson Lori Myles said.

Deputies say the students said they were supplying their fraternity with alcohol for spring break.

Harrison Coogan, 18, Brandon Barbara, 19, Hunter Coker, 18, and Carson Buckner, 19 were issued minor in possession citations and sent on their way, according to Myles.

The alcohol was taken away and will be destroyed, she said.

The beer alone is estimated to be worth close to $1,500.

"We didn't find any fake IDs on them. So someone over the age of 21 purchased it for them," Myles said.

"Their maturity level isn't there to help them make good decisions, and a lot of bad could have come out of all that alcohol drinking," LA Teen Challenge CEO Greg Dill said.

He applauded authorities for taking the alcohol and said underage drinking can lead to alcoholism.

Dill believes alcohol consumption among teens isn't getting worse, but with the advent of social media and having a camera ready at every corner, it just seems that way.

"Social media is just bringing it to a greater light and I think that's a good thing. I think dialogue is definitely worth while on the dangers of underage drinking," Dill said.

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