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Workout Wednesday: Workout routines perfect for spring


Here are a few tips to hatch a successful wellness plan this spring.

Reasons to Break-Out:

  • Your Health is your greatest asset this side of eternity
  • You only get one body, don't squander it
  • Age slows things down and requires more activity to maintain a healthy weight
  • If not now --- then when?
  • If not you -- then who? (No one can improve your health for you)
  • It will improve your energy levels, sleep, waist line and self-esteem
  • You will feel more confident and move more easily this vacation season

How to Hatch the right plan:

  • Have a plan and be specific
  • Start with the power of "one"
  • Move more and eat less
  • Know your limitations, but don't make everything a limitation
  • Modify or intensify
  • Ask for help
  • Be curious and be consistent

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