Henry Glover's family asking district attorney to reopen case

Henry Glover's family asking district attorney to reopen case

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The family of a man shot and killed by a NOPD officer in the days following Hurricane Katrina is asking the district attorney to reopen the case. Henry Glover's death was reclassified as a homicide last week by the Orleans Parish coroner. Now, Glover's family wants that officer indicted for murder.

On Wednesday, they took their fight to the Orleans Parish district attorney. Glover's family held a news conference outside Leon Cannizzaro's office asking him to prosecute former NOPD officer David Warren.

"I want our district attorney to prosecute David Warren because it's murder. Murder is murder. And there is no statute of limitations on murder. I'm asking him to do his job," said Glover's aunt, Rebecca Glover.

Warren admitted to shooting and killing Glover in the days after Hurricane Katrina. But he has maintained all along that the shooting was in self-defense. He was later acquitted of federal civil rights charges. Another former officer, though, is serving prison time for burning a car with Glover's body inside.

Susan Hutson with the office of the Independent Police Monitor says she supports the Glover family and hopes the DA will take a close look at the case.

"There should be a lot of evidence at this point, testimonial, whatever the federal government collected tetrameter. We are for the district attorney doing a complete and thorough review," Hutson said.

Warren's attorney declined an on-camera interview, but last week, he issued a statement saying, "the coroner's reclassification of Mr. Glover's death as a homicide is not based upon any new evidence and has no effect on Mr. Warren's prior acquittal," said Warren's attorney, Rick Simmons. "Two separate juries found not only that Warren did not murder Glover, but also that his use of force as a police officer in those circumstances was appropriate."

We contacted the district attorney's office, but they would not do an on-camera interview with us. A spokesman for Leon Cannizarro says long before that news conference Wednesday by the Glover family, the district attorney scheduled a meeting with Glover's mother to talk about the case. That meeting will take place Thursday afternoon.

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