Employee beats robber over the head with a beer bottle

Employee beats robber over the head with a beer bottle

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Surveillance cameras inside of the Magnolia Discount on South Carrollton were rolling when a woman, with her face mostly covered, walks in with a backpack and a gun.

She goes up to the counter and demands money.

As one cashier starts loading her backpack with money, the woman seems to get distracted and decided to put her gun down on the counter.

Another cashier quickly notices the gun, and jumps into action.

He picks up a large beer bottle, leans over and strikes the woman over the head with it.

She stumbles back and then made a run for it.

"He stood up for himself because his life was in danger. He didn't know what to expect," says Quintin Brown.

Customers stand behind the cashier's actions, but the store manager says employees are never encouraged to fight back simply because anything can go wrong.

The cashier, though, has been a victim more than most.

"The night cashier got robbed more than eight times in this store. Now, he's asking for a daytime job," says Youssef Ghanen.

The manager says the latest armed robbery was a couple of days ago, and since it's happening, mostly at night, they're considering hiring security.

"They are 24 hours. You've got a business that's 24 hours, things like that are going to happen," says Lucien Johnston.

Customers say they aren't surprised by how often armed robbers are targeting the store, but they'd like it to stop.

The robber ran out of the store with the money, but she left her gun.

Police are still searching for the women.

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