New Quarter task force makes quick arrest following knife attacks

New Quarter task force makes quick arrest following knife attacks

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A man who splits his time, between New Orleans and the East Coast is out of the hospital and talking about his stabbing ordeal in the French Quarter.

As his wounds heal, he wanted to share his story with others to raise awareness of potential dangers. They are wounds he will likely carry the rest of his life.

"He plunged it directly between my neck and my right shoulder," the victim, who we are not identifying told us.

He was sitting in Latrobe Park on Decatur Street last Wednesday when he was stabbed by a man carrying a ten-inch knife.

"Out of nowhere somebody came," the victim said. "I thought he at first punched me and felt a liquid going down my back."

The victim suffered a punctured lung.

"I said, 'you stabbed me.' I saw this gigantic knife, and he looked into my eyes like he was waiting for me to fall."

After the first knife thrust, the victim stumbled over near the Latrobe Fountain. He managed to regain his composure, and look his attacker in the eye.

"I think his motives were to actually kill somebody that night," the victim said.

The attacker demanded nothing and took no money.

"Just the look that he gave me, he sat there staring at me for a full five seconds," he said.

The victim then stumbled to 'Molly's At the Market' Bar.

"I turned around and ran toward this bar on the corner, and he got me in the back again as I ran," he said.

As bartenders tended to three gaping wounds, to stop the bleeding, the attacker headed toward Royal Street where he stabbed another man in the back.

"This individual had some mental issues, that needed to be taken care of," said NOPD Commander Jeffrey Walls.

Within five minutes, 26-year-old Jerico Miller, was arrested by Eighth District officers Doug Butler and Mike Murhammer, assisted by new task force officer Leonard Bendy on a Polaris four-wheeler.

"They kept him a safe distance and he submitted to an arrest," said Walls.

The victim was pleased with the rapid response.

"I want to thank NOPD, but I want people to know this is a reality. This can happen. There are people not right in their heads here," the victim said.

From now on, the victim says he will be more aware than ever of his surroundings.

The victim spent four days in the hospital. Police say the alleged attacker, Jerico Miller, has confessed, and is charged with two counts of aggravated battery and one count of armed robbery.

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