Cashier who broke bottle over robber's head speaks out

Cashier who broke bottle over robber's head speaks out

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A New Orleans convenience store cashier wanting to stop a would be robber in her tracks, grabs the first thing in sight, a beer bottle.

The surveillance video tells a pretty good story. Now, the man behind the beer bashing, is speaking out. The man, who we're choosing not to identify for his protection, says at about 2:00 a.m. Monday, a woman walked into the Magnolia Discount on South Carrollton. Her face was mostly covered. She carried a gun and backpack, and was yelling. The cashier recalls her saying, "Open the door, give me money, give me money."

As one cashier filled her backpack with money, the other man watched as the woman set down her gun, seemingly distracted. There happened to be a beer bottle sitting on the counter. Using his hands to recreate what happened, the man explains, "I have a bottle, I take this bottle, for head, for that."

We asked, "To smash her on the head?".

"Yeah, on the head," the cashier replied.

The cashier's been held up before. In fact, he says he can remember at least five other times when gunmen came in, demanding money but he's never fought back before, using a beer bottle.

"We thank God nothing happened, that's it, money you know, and insurance and company, that's OK for us," said store manager Youssef Ghanen.

Ghanen doesn't exactly encourage employees to fight back, which is why the company is now exploring its options. "We're trying like to do our best to hire like security officer, nighttime," Ghanen said.

Because no one should fear for their lives, every night, just by coming to work. "It's dangerous," the cashier commented.

Ghanen adds of the people who've been robbing the store, "I think they don't care for anything, that's why we're afraid of them."

The woman made it out of the store with the cash, but left behind her gun. That's now in the possession of New Orleans police.

The Magnolia Discount on South Carrollton was robbed three times just last month. Police haven't yet identified the suspect in this latest incident. If you know who she is, call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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