Darren Sharper plea almost 'a deal with the devil,' co-defendant's attorney says

Darren Sharper plea almost 'a deal with the devil,' co-defendant's attorney says

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - As Darren Sharper's co-defendants prepare to go to trial, one attorney says prosecutors may have made a "deal with the devil" by offering the former football player a plea bargain.

Attorney Jeffrey Smith represents Eric Nunez, one of two co-defendants in the case.

Nunez faces charges of aggravated rape and obstruction of justice for his alleged involvement in the drugging and raping of several women.

In an interview with our partners at Nola.com./The Times Picayune, Smith says prosecutors "almost made a deal with the devil" in order to get Darren Sharper to testify and plead guilty in the local rape cases.

With the pending plea bargain, Sharper could spend only nine years in prison instead of a life sentence he might have faced.

Smith says he does not know how the deal will impact his client Eric Nunez, but Smith says his client was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The attorney for Brandon Licciardi also maintains his client's innocence and says as long as Sharper tells the truth, Licciardi will not have a problem.

"He's a young man who just met Sharper when he was just 25-years-old, and in my judgment, the facts will show clearly that is not responsible for what Sharper's apparently ready to plead guilty to," attorney Ralph Capitelli said.

Sharper pleaded guilty in Arizona and Nevada and no contest in California to rape charges. He heads to state court in New Orleans in June. Sharper's plea deal still has to be approved by federal and state judges in Louisiana.

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